If only I had time…

Well, there it is. The world is officially on pause until further notice. I never thought I would see the day when time stopped. Yes, technically the clocks are still ticking, the world is still spinning, and the re-runs of antiques roadshow are still being played. However, politically, economically and the rest of our own human constructs have been seized by nature in an epic twist in the tale of human existence. So, what does this mean for us?

We could sit around baking in the sun, drinking whiskey and listening to the songs of yesteryear, now that I mention it, that does sound rather appealing. Or we instead finally take the time to do the jobs we have been intending on doing for a while now that always fell under the label of “If only I had time”.

For me personally this is burning through the various courses I have on Udemy and general admin/maintenance tasks in order to benefit us here at Genius. In turn that benefits you!

From a technology perspective, this could be general health checks of your systems whether that is in a home or business environment. Consider upgrading business critical systems while they are not in use. The main one I want you to consider is moving to newer, more reliable and feature rich services. Here are some examples:

  • Migrating your old, outdated email system to Office 365 (Gives you access to some excellent collaboration tools such as Teams and SharePoint).
  • Moving your shared storage solution to a cloud service like Azure, Dropbox, OneDrive etc. For a lower cost, more available and risk-free storage space (no more accidently deleting those important files).
  • Starting your post lockdown business endeavours with a nice and shiny new website!

It is much easier for us to setup and implement new solutions like these in this situation due to the demand for continuous service being lower than normal. This means we can iron out issues and set it up exactly as needed ready for the workforce to come back in full swing.

It is crucial that when we are back, we are back better than ever.

Whatever it is you need; we want to help. It is a difficult time but more than ever we need to stay productive and motivated.