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    Office 365

    For many companies, we have provisioned and configured office 365 and sharepoint services to introduced a new, more efficient, way of working. Office 365 enables a huge amount of flexibility, user management and web based applications. Contact one of our specialists…

  • All you need is love.

    John Lennon


    GDPR is here. Have you done everything you need to? In the run up to the GDPR implementation we saw thousands of privacy policy emails flying about, but what do you actually need to do on your website? So far, since…

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    Google lawsuit – Does Google owe you money?

    The people behind are taking Google to court. It is alleged that Google unlawfully collected data of iPhone users between June 2011- February 2012, via ‘The Safari Workaround’, a trick to obtain the users personal data by bypassing the iPhone’s…