Genius IT Solutions

IT Support. Supporting the workplace and assisting both local and national businesses with End User Services are some of our core roles.  With years of professional experience in the IT sector, you can rest assured that we really are ‘Genius’ at what we do. Support varies from remote assistance, over the phone, on-site as well as day to day system administration for many businesses.

Home Working

remote working is a key aspect of the modern workplace, having the ability to securely jump on any device in any location and still maintain an in-office level of productivity ensures the reliability of business operations.

We at Genius achieve this with the implementation of a few amazing tools:

  • Cloud collaboration (Office 365, Gsuite)
  • Remote desktop connections (Microsoft RDP, TeamViewer, Google Remote Desktop)
  • Cloud storage (On-site, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive)

Editing documents, amending projects, presenting key information and having a unified reliable system for storing all this data is the most efficient way to work. Get in touch to learn more.

Small – Medium Businesses

Aid from a third-party support provider such as ourselves is a cost-efficient way to have an on-hand support department without needing to employ full time staff. This is beneficial for smaller businesses who don’t require full time IT support staff.

Alternatively, if you have an internal IT department it’s easy for them to become overwhelmed with the workload from an ever expanding workforce and network. With added systems to look after and more staff needing support, it’s good to have a third-party support provider on hand to balance the load.

Data Management Genius Services can be your Data Management partner and your on-hand hosted service professionals. We partner with both Google and Microsoft to provide Office 365 Services and Google G Suite Accounts. We manage our customers data including user management and data backups.

Email services are key to any business and go hand in hand with the IT Support picture. Genius has the ability to create, maintain and manage all of your email domains via Hosted Exchange, 365 or G Suite. This includes the management of employee mail boxes, setting up mailing groups and backing up email data to an onsite server or the cloud.